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Success Stories

Happy Client Testimonials

Sheila Lost 70 POUNDS!

I have belonged to many health and fitness organizations with limited success. At age 60 I was grossly overweight, had two knee replacements and was on various medications. My sister suggested that we “get serious” about getting healthy. As a result, I trained with Jeff for about two years. I found his awareness of our individual capabilities and needs right on. Always patient, but always pushing for us to do more/better. With his guidance in exercise and diet I lost 70 pounds. Now I run in the mornings, take less medication, and feel better at 63 than I did at 50!- Sheila K

Kathy Lost 40 POUNDS!

At age 49 I had reached a point where the baby weight I was carrying became a joke, as my “baby” was 23 years old. I was on the verge of turning 50 with numerous family health risks when I decided, enough was enough! I began a weight/cardio program with Jeff as my trainer. With Jeff’s guidance and encouragement over the next 15 months I lost 40 pounds and was able to run two 5k races. More than just the weight, I was pre-diabetic, taking cholesterol medication, and my BMI was in the obese range. I committed myself to better eating (not dieting) and a work out routine 3 times a week with Jeff. Today I am medication free, my BMI is in the normal range, and I feel better than I have in 20 years! Jeff has been a lifesaver and his professionalism and commitment to health and fitness is unsurpassed.-Kathy H

Candy Lost 38Lbs & 9.8% Body Fat

I found myself overweight, tired, with high cholesterol, and back pain. I joined a new gym in town where I met and began working out with Coach Jeff. He helped me to get back on track with losing weight while I built up my strength and endurance. Today I am lighter, off all my prescription medications and without back pain. He is tough but I know he cares about his clients success. I highly recommend the type of training Rapid Results offers! -Candy G

Emily lost 30lbs. and got off her cholesterol meds… so far!

Irish Lost 30 lbs, lowered her body fat by 19%, and incresead muscle mass by 10.2%!!!!

Rachel Lost 35 lbs!

“Training has made me so much stronger and more confident in myself. I have more energy and am more active than I have ever been!”

Mo Lost 37 lbs!

“Man, the weight can sure crop up when you are not paying attention! I’m a bear once I decide on something though. So glad to have found Jeff. His workout plan and his meal plan (just 3 weeks and you really do learn to eat a better way) are transformative. I feel strong, have endurance and balance, and I can do whatever I want to physically — at 60. Yay! :)”

Teri lost 19lbs, 10% of body fat & gained 7% muscle.

Jen lost 17lbs, 7.6% body fat & gained 3.5% muscle!


Back Pain?

We offer one on one weight loss and  strength training as well as back pain relief training. Coach Jeff is one of 5 people in the world certified to teach this one of a kind back pain program that has helped thousands. If you or a loved one suffer from back pain, book an assesement with us to live pain free for life.

Group Training

Group training is a great way to stay motivated and be held accountable. Our group sessions consist of 5 people or less clients. Each individuals training is completely personalized to their fitness level. We offer 45 group sessions a week for clients to sign up for. Each session is 30 minutes and designed for twice the results in half the time. Who doesn’t like saving time and money and getting into great shape in the process? Space is limited for group training so pick up the phone and shedule your free, no obligation fitness assessment today!

Meal Plans & Coaching

Our world class trainers design workouts to help you burn fat all day long even after you leave the gym! You will be coached and motived through every session with trainers correcting your form and telling you what weights to use and exercises to do. Clients are also given a felt melting meal plan. this is not a starvation diet (We are totally against those.) The meal plan is made up of a lot of nutrient dense foods crafted in a way to help you loose inches